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Storytelling Through Scratch

Started Jun 6, 2022


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Storytelling with Scratch provides an opportunity for students to express themselves and apply their programming skills. Teachers can assign specific topics for students to tell their stories about in order to demonstrate their understanding of material outside the computer programming curriculum.

Learning Objectives

1. Explore different strategies for synchronizing interactions between sprites in Scratch by remixing a joke project.
2. Develop a greater familiarity with the computational concepts of events and parallelism and the practices of reusing and remixing as well as experimenting and iterating.
3. Create a Scratch project that experiments with changing backdrops, like a story with multiple scenes or a slideshow.
4. Create a self-directed Scratch project that combines characters, dialogues, and scenes to tell a story or present information.
5. Create a Scratch storytelling project for your students to demonstrate their understanding of a skill or concept.

Presenter: Shad Wachter, Technology Literacy Eduator, South Fayette Township School District


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