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Peer Review with Discussion Boards is a Course

Peer Review with Discussion Boards

Started Apr 20, 2022


Full course description

Your Name: Felix Yerace

Your Title: Teacher / Building Canvas Coach

Do you have a co-presenter(s)? Yes

Co-presenter(s) Name(s): Stephanie Harris

Your Institution: South Fayette Township School District

Presentation Title: Peer Feedback with Discussion Boards

Presentation Description: Use Canvas Discussions to set up a structured process for students to provide feedback on work in progress, so that students can learn from one another and assist their classmates. This session will show teachers how to import and use a template for structured peer feedback in Canvas.

What instructional level(s) would this be suited for (Primary or Secondary)? Secondary

What level of Canvas would this be suited for (Beginner/Advanced/Both)? Beginner

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