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Introduction to Canvas: Assignments, Modules, and Pages is a Course

Introduction to Canvas: Assignments, Modules, and Pages

Started Apr 20, 2022


Full course description

Your Name: Jessica Downey 

Your Title: Teacher 

Do you have a co-presenter(s)? Yes

Co-presenter(s) Name(s): Jamie Staab and Hannah Roselle 

Your Institution: Brentwood Borough School District

Presentation Title: Introduction to Canvas for New Users

Presentation Description: We will discuss the difference between Assignments, Pages, Modules and their uses.   You will see a demonstration on how to create an assignment and the different types of assignments.  We will show you the different ways you can use Pages and how to use the tools established.  Finally, Modules is your digital file cabinet.  We will show you how to create a Module as well as its different features such as the requirements you can establish for your students as they work through your course.

What instructional level(s) would this be suited for (Primary or Secondary)? Both

What level of Canvas would this be suited for (Beginner/Advanced/Both)? Beginner

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